The City Career is a high-end career consulting and training company, aiming at helping international students in UK to secure top tier 2 jobs from Top Tier Financial Sector Firms.


TCC provides tailored personalised premium Training and Development Programme. Not only aiming for a simple job offer with Tier 2 Sponsorship, we are also developing the whole skills-set and working culture for our trainee students, in order to providing true person-job matching, person-company matching candidate to the leading financial companies (including banks, actuarial firms, insurance company, Big4, etc.).

Our mentors are with different expertise. They are industrial HR specialists, with high level knowledge in recruitment, training and development. They are professionals from world-leading financial firms (such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Willis Towers Watson, etc.).

TCC targets to UK Financial Sector Career only, but the job types vary and specialised industries include: investment banks, commercial banks, professional accountancy firms, consulting firms, tech firms, and some other Top MNCs in the United Kingdom.


Our mentors are with high level of professionalism. They are qualified in varies fields, e.g. ACA, ACCA, CFA, CIPD, FRM, AFA, etc. Our targeted firms include but not restricted to:




As the Top3 Graduate from Ox-Bridge level university, Christopher is the real industrial “Economist” type Banker gaining consistence experience that always from Top5 Investment Banks. In his dictionary, there is no loss. In his experience, always on the top is the reflection of his life. His main strengths are:

  • Quants

  • Equity Research

  • Global Markets


If you want to know what is dedicate, how talent looks like and what is the consistency, Christopher is the best mentor for you. He has had the fasted promotion route in Top Tier Bank and always strict to his students, as a talent refuses to have even unsatisfied result from the person he shadows on. Being Christopher’s student, you need to either be a talent or prepare to be a talent.

‘Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard working.’ Are you ready to be the next Genius?



Graduated from Ox-Bridge level university, Darrell gained the 1st Class in Economics. Although showing excellence in maths, Darrell is a person who is good at influencing people and even influencing the decision. He is precise and fast pace and his strengths are in:

  • Sales

  • Global Markets



If you are Darrell’s students, you need to be able to listen, think and react fast. From the students Darrell ever trained with, they always feel Darrell will give you really influence ideas that shadow your Assessment Centre Colleagues in a proper way. Being a top Sales in Investment Bank, you need to be not only sociable and proactive, but also research and react fast and accurate.

‘If your dream is being a Sales Star, Darrell will show you the route.’



Typical route in Accounting and graduated from one of the G5 universities, Elena presents a route favoured by most AF students. With intensive work experience in Big4 Company, she shows the equality in gender at Big4. Her main strengths are:

  • Auditing

  • Assurance

  • Tax

  • ACA qualified



Female mentor is really patient. Elena is the best example. She always listens to her students and presents the best professional services to the students. If you are aiming for Big4, you should not miss Elena’s sessions.

‘Your route in Accountancy starts here!’



With nearly 10 years work experience in Banks, James used to be the top Accounting and Finance Undergraduate from one of the G5 Universities. He is the best example to show the strength of AF students. He has moved from Middle Office to Front Office 6 years ago and his main strengths are:

  • EM Strategy

  • FX Option Trading



If your starting career is difficult to follow banking route at the initial stage, James can be your best mentor. He knows how to penetrate the banking route and how to fulfil the Investment Banking Front Office dream for those who comes from less related background.  

‘Where is a will, where is a way.’



As the Graduate from a Top-level university, with an outstanding high 1st class in Mathematics, Lawrence continuously works in World-class Top Tier Financial Institutions (Top Consulting firm for the internship, and continuously work at Top Investment Banks). His main strengths are:

  • Trading

  • Fixed Income

  • Actuary

  • High-level skills in Financial Mathematics, Finance and Techs-skill in Banking Sector



Wise, aggressive, result-driven, but with a lot of humorous, Lawrence is loved by the students he trains and has trained before. The students love him because his sessions are always funny and knowledgeable, and he always works hard and presents the students not only expertise in the field of banking and finance, but also the smart ways to become an even wisdom employee.


‘With Lawrence, you will become the real future City Star!’



Working in the R&D Department in an medical/laboratory equipment company, Dr Patrick is always focus and attention to details. With full scholarship on his PhD, Dr Patrick always dedicates to research and innovation. His strengths are in:

  • Electro-mechanical system

  • Research and Product Design

  • Production and manufacturing



With intensive knowledge in engineering field, Dr Patrick is leading the R&D at the company he currently works in. He is an expert in Engineering Application but with great patience and kind hearted. He always trains hands-on skills to his students and provide solid knowledge in mathematics, IT, and engineering. Engineering is difficult in the international recruits market in UK, whereas Patrick will help you make it.

‘Focus is the key! Innovation is based on knowledge.’



Yes, as the collector on Ox-Bridge top talents, TCC team also has Robin, who is the talent in Physics and has gained the Top10 result from Ox-Bridge. Working in the IBD at one of the Top Investment Banks, his main strengths are:

  • Debt Capital Markets

  • Risk Management



Robin is a mentor that develops you to have in-depth knowledge in Capital Markets.  He is precise, focus and attention to details. He is good at finding out potential risks and good at planning. With helps from Robin, you will be an excellent performance employee and gained really detailed knowledge on Capital Markets.

‘Being top is not your goal, being the real expert is the ultimate.’



Graduated from a Top10 University in UK with 1st class results, Theresa is a good example for female who are looking forward to work in the Banks. She switched her career from Big4 to Banks, which also presented the reality that Big4 to Banks route is applicable. Her main strengths are:

  • Risks

  • Auditing

  • Risk Advisory



Theresa cares about the students and is suitable for students who has non-financial background but would like to start their career in finance field, especially for those who study less maths and finance related courses. She is a good advisory and if you are interested in being a consultant in the future, you should choose Theresa.

‘Consulting is applicable in UK for international students.’

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